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Special Report from The Konlin Letter
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eFoodSafety Com Inc (EFSF)
"The time to buy this stock is now!"

Eight product rollouts in 2008,

Plus a stunning new product announcement!

My advice: Get into EFSF now!

Stock of the Year for 2008: eFoodSafety Com Inc (EFSF)

Recommendation: Buy Now while it's emerging from a ground floor start and a long-term support trading range!

I'm forecasting huge growth in EFSF shares as this innovative company is set to roll on not one, but eight breakthrough biotech products for 2008!

Plus, eFoodSafety Com Inc just announced its ninth product, the world's first broad-coverage antibiotic/antiviral treatment that could defeat the growing threat of microbial superbugs!


To the Growth-Oriented Investor:

The KonLin Letter (TKL) was one of the first on Wall Street to foresee this recession and forecasts a biotech breakout barreling its way into the market.

This biotech boom will produce a multitude of winners, but none like those feeding the pipeline of consumer health care and organic products.

This could be one of the best buys you make during these recessionary times. And you can be certain this recession will reek havoc on the unprepared. Thanks to central bank meddling, and a pack of self-centered officials of the do-nothing congress, we're now neck deep in a political and economic mess.

Yes, you can make money in this market!

The coming months will be a nightmare for investors seeking significant profits, except for those who successfully position themselves in key sectors like biotech.

You can make a fortune from this very specific consumer biotech sector and I'll give you two examples taken straight out of the eFoodSafety Com Inc (EFSF) menu of products rolling out this year. (I'll detail seven others later in this report.)

Product #1  A $132 billion market opportunity from a product recently featured on ABC news!


eFoodSafety Com Inc is rolling out Cinnergen™, an all-natural liquid supplement that has been clinically proven in a double blind placebo study to decrease the symptoms of diabetes. There are over 20 million diabetics in the U.S. alone and Cinnergen could be a godsend for dealing with their symptoms. It may also be instrumental in keeping pre-diabetics within normal ranges, without the need for prescription medication.

>Cinnergen™ is already finding traction in the market. Retail distribution includes CNG, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart, and it was recently featured on a diabetes segment on ABC's "Eyewitness News Sunday Morning."

Obviously, with an aging population, Cinnergen™'s potential is enormous. It's estimated that this is a $132 billion market and this is just one of the nine products on eFoodSafety Com Inc's shelf today.

Here's another, endorsed by a Hollywood super celebrity!

Product #2...eFoodSafety Com Inc PurEffect™...endorsed by Carmen Electra!

Carmen Electra is one of Hollywood's most stunning celebrities, known to millions worldwide. Her biography includes television, film, comedy and theatre. She is currently filming the horror spoof "Scary Movie 4". She has been featured in national publications including cover features on Playboy, Maxim, and FHM. Her website, www carmenelectra com offers a revealing look at her celebrity credentials!

Carmen Electra is one of Hollywood's most famous celebrities. Her infomercials for eFoodSafety Com Inc PurEffect™ acne/skin care will hit national cable TV markets and is expected to generate up to $200 million in global sales in the first year alone!

The brains behind the marketing is one of the most successful marketing agencies in the world the kind of agency with the reputation and creative muscle that can contract a stellar celebrity like Carmen Electra. It's a ringing testimonial to the potential of the PurEffect product and the money that can be made from it.

>Ms. Electra will personally endorse and promote the PurEffect™ product and its 4-step acne treatment that has already proven to be more efficacious than the competition a product that has garnered $3 billion in sales from celebrity endorsement!

Filming for the promotion is finished and according to company news releases, will be on the air in March. (That should give you time to load up on EFSF stock!)

You could make a fortune from this product alone but as I said, there are nine in all eight of which are scheduled for rollout this year!

But before I get into more product details, let me touch on the biotech boom that is just now getting started in the market and why eFoodSafety Com Inc EFSF) is my #1 biotech sector play for 2008

This is old news for my readers and now my forecasts are coming of age. Mainstream analysts are beginning to see the potential of personal health care and organics.

>The Kipplinger Letter reports in its January 4, 2008 edition the emergence of a " booming retail category: Organic and natural personal care" Dow Jones hinted at similar forecasts in recent news. The facts are coming to light.

Consumers are moving hard and fast to spending on products that are good for their health and good for the environment.

The growth of these markets will be so dramatic I can confidently forecast this as an investing "mega-trend"worth billions in new market capitalization for companies with the right products at the right time.

This will create a bonanza of growth for companies like eFoodSafety Com Inc (EFSF) that are ahead of the growth curve with breakthrough ideas and products.

Consumers are not the only ones rushing in with checkbooks open.

I expect another bonanza in product and company buyouts similar to the acquisition of Burt's Bees by Clorox. The New York Times reported the sale bringing "$913 million in November [2007]¡±. The report went on to say

>"Clorox was willing to pay almost $1 billion for Burt's Bees because big companies see big opportunities in the market for green products. From 2000 to 2007, Burt's Bees' annual revenue soared to $164 million from $23 million. Analysts say there is far more growth to be had by it and its competitors as consumers keep gravitating toward products that promise organic and environmental benefits.

>"In the last couple of years, L'Or¨¦al paid $1.4 billion for the Body Shop and Colgate-Palmolive bought 84 percent of Tom's of Maine, which makes natural toothpaste and deodorant, for $100 million."

Companies with in-demand products, like those expected from eFoodSafety Com Inc (EFSF), will see skyrocketing share prices, some literally overnight, for investors with the foresight to get in early.

That's why I strongly recommend you take a position in EFSF right now. It's impossible to know exactly when and if such a breakout occurs. I am sure of this

Billions will be spent as large companies scoop up emerging biotech companies with products suited to organic and natural goods distribution channels.

You can profit big from these trends if you get in now at the ground floor level.

The big winners will be companies with products already in the market like eFoodSafety Com Inc (EFSF)

Make no mistake, eFoodSafety Com Inc is an emerging biotech company with something most biotechs only dream about products in the pipeline!

An emerging biotech can be worth a fortune and I see eFoodSafety Com Inc (EFSF) as the best biotech buy you can make today.

Product #3 Now scheduled for 2008 rollout!

When I say products, I mean products that could have an enormous impact not just in United Sates markets, but global markets as well.

I'll give you another example, a third product set for release this year and this one has already been tested and approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)!


This product fits squarely into the organic category, though instead of consumer markets, it's targeted to the global agricultural industry.

Last year, a microscopic organism called a "nematode"inflicted $100 billion in agricultural crop damages worldwide. eFoodSafety Com Inc reports being just weeks away from  introducing the only environmentally safe product that can eradicate the nematodes and stop the crop damage.

Already in final phases of product development, eFoodSafety Com Inc is set to release Oraphyte™, as the only proven product effective against nematode infestations. Oraphyte™ has been tested and approved by USDA and three major universities are evaluating data for crop-specific use.

>Over the last year, eFoodSafety Com Inc also established a contractual relationship for the distribution of Oraphyte™ with a Fortune 100 global chemical company serving the agricultural industry.

Once the final testing and labeling is complete, I expect Oraphyte™ to rapidly flow into global agricultural use. And thanks to the relationship already established with a leading international chemical company, it could happen in a heartbeat. Early reports of these developments could easily send EFSF shares skyrocketing. Getting into EFSF now puts you on the right side of this huge opportunity.

That's just three eFoodSafety Com Inc products I have six more to go!

In the coming weeks, a barrage of news (and a huge short position I'll report on in a minute) could send EFSF shares skyrocketing as millions of dollars pour into shareholder value.

With news like this, the company's market potential is nothing "short" of phenomenal!

All eFoodSafety Com Inc products are in advanced stages of marketing development some with sales already underway. What's more, the market position is outstanding for investors getting in today

>eFoodSafety Com Inc has zero debt on its balance sheet. It's generating income on its products and is cash-flow positive.

>EFSF shares are now priced at long-term support and the stock at these prices offer spectacular gains with enormous upside potential with minimum downside risk.

>Speculators have built a huge short position on EFSF. An independent report recently set EFSF short trigger price at $0.32. Anything over that price should trigger a scramble to buy as speculators move to cover their short positions. We saw that happen last year when the stock surged to a $0.57 high, 2.5 times today's share price.

>EFSF recently reduced its shares outstanding by 30,000,000 shares. That's approximately 20% of outstanding shares, a powerful indicator of management's bullish confidence.

These facts alone should be impressive enough, but the research, product development and pure marketing brainpower that are behind all nine EFSF products seal it for me.

After years of successful R&D...eFoodSafety Com Inc is on an aggressive path of commercialization...setting it up for a monumental share price explosion.

In the coming months, you can expect to see further product news released on these products as well


Product #4 eFoodSafety Com Inc Immune Boost Bar, a natural and effective way to boost the immune system. This is the first immune boost bar to enter a market estimated to be $3 billion and growing annually. Marketing is being handled by CPG Focus Consulting, a company with branded goods marketing experience for top brands such as PowerBar, Birdseye, Stouffer, Toll House, Edge and Windex.


Product #5 eFoodSafety Com Inc Talsyn™-CI/bid Scar Cream, now in clinical use for serious management of scars and surgical incisions will soon be marketed at the consumer level. It has been clinically proven effective to improve the strength and appearance of scars, as well as the cosmetic treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, age and liver spots. Aging Americans should become an enormous market for Talsyn Scar Cream™.

Product #6 eFoodSafety Com Inc Citroxin™ food-safe antiseptic. This remarkable product could easily become one of the most important antiseptic products in the world. It has already received EPA approval and is shown 100% effective in killing the most threatening viruses and bacteria on the planet, including avian or bird flu virus (H5N1), MRSA virus (the superbug now immune to conventional antibiotics), as well as the EPA's big 6 bacteria (E-coli, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus), black mold and anthrax.

Product #7 eFoodSafety Com Inc Cinnechol™, a nutritional supplement has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels by an average of 24% and lowered triglyceride levels by an average of more than 35%! Cinnechol is expected to launch soon. Obviously, this product has enormous potential among aging adults, especially in America where elevated cholesterol has become one of the most widespread and chronic health conditions.

Product #8 eFoodSafety Com Inc NumaDerm™ Skin Care Line. The market for skin care products is both huge and growing. The NumaDerm product, also scheduled for release this year, targets an aging population seeking effective products for slowing the effects of aging and improving the appearance of their skin. A proprietary nanotechnology enhances the effectiveness and positive benefits of the product. I expect soaring sales in the NumaDerm line, especially since the product is grounded in the clinical effectiveness of the Talsyn Scar Cream™ product.

That's eight eFoodSafety Com Inc products in all and all are scheduled for roll-out this year.

But I promised you nine and this one could be the biggest of them all.

A new generation of antibiotics/antivirals is coming of age, and eFoodSafety Com Inc could become the global leader.

Product #9 eFoodSafety Com Inc recently announced the formulation of unique delivery systems including controlled release for oral use and transdermal for topical application for its Proxorin™ antibiotic which will initially target the MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) "superbug" that has been defying all treatment with conventional antibiotics.

Leslie Stahl reported on the 60 Minutes program, " MRSA, was suddenly causing pneumonias and serious bone and skin infections so toxic that children were dying because of a lack of an effective antibiotic.¡±

The potential of ingestible controlled-release and transdermal delivery of an effective natural antibiotic/antiviral medication is simply enormous what could become one of the most important medical achievements this decade.

Like I reported above, the coming months could bring a barrage of news from eFoodSafety Com Inc that could quickly propel EFSF stock out of its current trading range.

Also, company management is now taking the company "on-the-road"to institutional investors and Wall Street's big players.

Remember, eFoodSafety Com Inc has a debt-free balance sheet, a fact that provides a great deal of protection against the bad times we're facing today.

All this points to one thing, explosive upside potential with little downside risk. Now is the time to secure your ground floor position. I strongly recommend EFSF as an immediate BUY NOW!

Yours for Successful Investing,


Konrad Kuhn, Editor and Publisher, The Konlin Letter

P.S. You'll find even more information about eFoodSafety Com Inc, its subsidiaries and products online at www eFoodSafety Com Inc.

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